Terça-feira, 30 de Junho de 2009

Comunicado da Hands Off Venezuela-Finlândia (em inglês)


A coup d'état has today taken place in Honduras. Our information tells us president Manuel Zelaya has been fetched from his home in the early hours of the morning, by miltary force, and taken, still in pyjamas, to an aircraft, which then carried him to Costa Rica. The Supreme Court of Honduras has announced they have approved of this action, the congress has been read a forged letter of resignation from the president, and they have named another person as acting president. However, president Zelaya has spoken in the international media, confirming he still is Honduran president.

The supreme court does not elect a president, neither does  a congress or a parliament; it doesn't happen thus in Finland, nor in Honduras. President is elected by the people..

We condemn with utmost indignation the illegal actions above, and presume president Zelaya will soonest be invited back to his country and to his post

It was intended that a non-binding referendum be executed today in Honduras of whether a a constitutional assembly should be called to convene, and this process has been strongly resisted by some political parties. According to our information, 400 000 hondurans have undersigned a petition asking for this referendum to be organized. We regard, in such circumstances, democracy demands the vote be allowed to  happen. Hindering a vote by military force, instead, is a clearly undemocratic, shameful act.
Some information tells us the cuban and venezuelan ambassadors to Honduras have been beaten, also by the military. Thus, diplomatic immunity granted by Vienna convention, has been breached. Evidently the foreign minister, Patricia Rodas, has been snatched, too.
We hope legality be reinstated in Honduras soonest. Coup d'états have a long and bloody tradition in Latin America, it is high time to absolutely forsake such methods ! And condemn those who commit them, as well as those who will accept them.

Who continuously pay lipsevice to freedom and democracy, may they now raise their voices and demand the immediate return of president Manuel Zelaya, elected by his people, to his presidential post, and a condition of legality and democracy  to again reign in Honduras.
Solidarity, sisters and brothers- let us stand together with the people of Honduras ! Venceremos !


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